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Mobilize and Personalize Your Content based on your users interests and Profit from content engagement!
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a single platform for
Content personalization
Through Data Analysis!

WP.CREO features

WP.CREO transforms all your Digital Content channels to a Single Brandable Native App and personalize your content based on your users interests!

Simple & Elegant Design

The home page of the app designed with a beautiful tile system. You can change theme colours, your logo, fonts and tiles arrangement.

Easy Configuration

Either by installing  the WP.CREO FREE WordPress Plugin -Or create compelling content from scratch,  you will be able to convert all your digital content automatically into a customize app in almost no time.

App Management

WP.CREO gives you complete control over your app-user community and lets you tailor and personalise your app users access via its User Management facility.

App Data Analytics

The value to the business of “DATA” is in the analytics! WP.CREO provides you with real-time Content Reading behaviour, Trends, Engagement, Sentiment Analysis and more…

Native App Delivery

WP.CREO delivers all your Content channels (let’s say, all your Digital Content -from your WordPress post and pages to linkedin group discussions) into a native iOS, Android and Windows app without writing a single line of code.

The Ad Module

WP.CREO ad module provides you an easy to use real-time dashboard to sell, serve, and manage Native Content Ads on your app.

How it looks like

  • The app "Home Page" (iOS)

    The app “Home Page” (iOS)

  • The "Post" page (iOS)

    The “Post” page (iOS)

WP.CREO self-service WordPress Plans

During your FREE 30-days Business and Enterprise Trial, you can cancel at any time! No questions asked, Guaranteed!

By invitation only!



    • 1 WordPress site and\or Blog\Domain
    • 1 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • 1 template
    • 5 MB Storage
    • Available as WP.CREO in app store:
      iTunes, Google Play and  Windows
    • Sometimes with display advertisements
    • No minimum contract!


Most Flexible



  • 1 WordPress Website and\or Blog
  • 10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 20 MB Storage
  • Apps 100% Brandable and available
    on iTunes, Google Play and  Windows
  • App store submission not included
  • Google Analytics for mobile app
  • Partner Program is available*

Premium offer


Contact us!

  • Set up your own web server
  • Customize usage, speeds, traffic and memory
  • Unlimited users and content
  • Unlimited WordPress site and blogs
  • Apps 100% Brandable and available
    on iTunes, Google Play and  Windows
  • BIG DATA Analytics included
  • Google Analytics for mobile app
  • App store submission not included

* Partner Program is for developers who need the full power of WP.CREO Business and Enterprise. If you are interested in a Partner-License at a discount rate, please contact us at Partner@WPCREO.com
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  • Testimonial
    Ali Keshavarz, Co-Founder Peasant Pies,

    “WP.CREO Has been instrumental in our foyer into digital app world. As a catering operator in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have to compete not only in the culinary field, but also in the “Digital” arena. WP.CREO effortlessly turned our online menu into native iOS apps. We now have great looking native menu app that stays up-to-date with our site automatically. WP.CREO had given us a new cool edge!”

  • Testimonial
    Herman Kalfsterman, Chief editor Whiplash Magazine

    In my experience, the easiest way to create a custom app for a wordpress blog.

  • Testimonial
    Mark Rosbergen, CEO Nieuwebomen.nl

    They made a standard framework that can be quickly adapted to your business strategy. WP.CREO offer a great solution to create personalized, targeted experiences through your various digital content channels in no time.

  • Testimonial
    Jonathan Britton, Acting Deputy Headteacher

    We had clear ideas on how we wanted the product to work and WP.CREO sort to support us as a school to provide a highly responsive, easy to use application for the iPad. It was this support that made the application a success and provided another effective method for the school to communicate with parents. We would highly recommend WP.CREO to other schools and businesses as we believe they have an excellent product combined with a tailored and very supportive service.

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