How WP.CREO works?

STEP 1: Leave the heavy lifting to us

Creating content is complicated but our requirements aren’t.

After you register a FREE account, you pass us your content sources (text article, images, video, social media timelines…) and other relevant reference data. It doesn’t matter what platform or systems the data comes from or how many different sources there are. We’ll than automatically clean up your data and reconcile your content stream– in no time to different categories. We then publish your created content stream on 4 native app platforms: iTunes (for tablet and mobile), Google Play, Windows Store (for all Touch-point: Mobile, Tablet, XBOX and PCs)


STEP 2: Our Magic Maths 😉

Next we do our magic maths and numbers – we’ve developed processes and algorithm to predict “Individual Interests”. We look for those hard spot patterns where content begin read, like and shared. We do the extensive statistical modelling and data mining so you don’t have too – we’re are already analysing more than 3.000 app users’ data to discover their interest!

WPCREO chalkboard_algorithm

STEP 3: What do you get?

Your most business critical information “The Interest of Your User Community” is then made available to you in a web interface. Although, it depends on your requirements, but most common installations and setup take 3 to 8 weeks from start to go live. We provide, for instance, a standard self-service WordPress plugin to transfer your content from your WordPress site to app  in no time!

It takes less than 10 minutes to get a FREE WP.CREO account and leverage WP.CREO’s technology to improve your ability to recommend personalized articles\content to your readers (your apps community) and also feed them with relevant native ads.