Your WordPress Personalization through DATA

Real-time analytics will underpin effective sales, advertising and development in your digital content landscape!

Content tagging

WP.CREO Text-analysis services produce and tag 5 common keyword out of each post!

Classification of contents will help app-users to identify their interests, and give you a revealing insight into your app users content consumption trends!

Data Graph

Data Graph is a simple -yet useful visual representation of three data variables: Your content categories, sub-categories and top interest keywords

Social Engagement

In addition to building a custom native apps for your WordPress site, we provide an interesting insight into:

  • Your trending content
  • Engagement Rate per post
  • Top shares
  • and much more …

Google Mobile Analytics

To help you cover all your bases, we add Google Analytics for mobile apps to your settings page. This will help you to easure user behavior in your app from installs to engagement and purchase.

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