WP.CREO has 3 notable advantages

First: Brain power to provide a context -for content marketing.

We’ve seen app makers start-ups before, but we do something completely different!  Our focus lies on “Content discovery” through Data.

Most of our competitors use HTML5 engines to implement so-called cross-device app, resulting in:

  1. A poor performance
  2. Limitations on DATA collection and analysis
  3. Limitations on supported platform e.g. windows phone and windows 8.1
  4. Lack of personalization through data

WP.CREO brings real-time analytics and Personalization into a Single brandable Native app!


Second: Enable B2C Offering

Imagine serving your customers in ways that you never thought were possible…

We have developed a universal engine to create Personalized, and Targeted experiences through a Single content App on Xbox One, Mobile and Tablet!


Third: Analysis of App’s DATA:

Last year, we established a partnership with CLiPS (CLiPS is a research center associated with the Linguistics department of the faculty of Arts of the University of Antwerp). Together we develop a set of web-services for automatic text-analysis, opinion detection and user profiling in text via data mining and annotation.

We have successfully implemented the “Text-analysis” services as one of WP.CREO key functionality in our first public release.

What it does is amazing for content marketing: text analysis algorithms analysis the post and produce and tag 5 common keyword out of each post with accuracy scores at 97% or above -which is the building blocks behind creating personalized, targeted experiences through content.


And last but not leastWP.CREO is Ready-To-Market

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