WP.CREO new release is on its way

WP.CREO new release is on its way

We constantly want to do better, -with that in mind- we have several exciting recent releases and new updates.

Although those feature haven’t yet reached the Case Study stage, we believe it is important to share it with you here.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve WP.CREO and part of that process sometimes means that we need to remove features that aren’t used very much or support for platforms that are going away. This lets us concentrate our resources on finding new ways to delight WP.CREO users.

The New and Fresh look

The new WP.CREO iOS app release designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation.


The result of the content that matters to you can be now find directly on your home dashboard. Your interests folder is a result of WP.CREO’s “content-personalization” algorithms.



It takes more than great algorithms to make personalization.

WP.CREO content-personalization is more than just gathering, storing and analyzing what users share and likes. WP.CREO follow user’s interest but sort the content based on its relevance only to the specific user. You can than leverage WP.CREO’s technology to improve your ability to recommend personalized articles (content) to your readers (your app community) and also feed them with relevant native ads –if required-.