Where to Start…

Where to Start...
First let me start by welcoming you to WP.CREO!

We are a humble UK-based startup located in York and although we are still relatively small in size, we are working on something big!

We are on a mission to change the way we deliver content from a Digital content channel (e.g. WordPress site, blog, or even social content platform)  into a native app by giving insight into relevant Data and Analytics.

The content market is growing based on critical customer experience needs, including: multichannel delivery (app, web), content targeting and analytics.

As customers connect to your content in more ways than ever before, the data you have about them just keeps expanding -and that means your opportunities to -engage- them, keep expanding too.

WP.CREO designed to deliver your content into a native iOS, Android and Windows 8 app and gives valuable insight on how to

1.    Identify your key content
2.   Offer content personalization to your app-users  and community
3.    Improve the reach of your original content

In order to get a truly comprehensive view of how WP.CREO works, we connected our WordPress-DEMO site via our FREE WordPress plugin into a showcase app on 3 different platforms: iTunes, Windows and Google Play

This is just to give you an idea of how each of your WordPress’s “Category” will be present in a stylish tile layout on a native app!

We have also added some content from our favourite publisher, e.g. The Verge and MIT.

We manage the content for each FREE-plan client through “PublisherID” and a free WordPress plugin. For example if you login with “WPCREO” PublisherID you will be only able to see WP.CREO’s content.



How WPCREO FREE plan works:

We offer a FREE plan in a shared WP.CREO app-environment. Each FREE-account holder gets their own “PublisherID” and will be able to create more app users for free in WP.CREO user-management backend. We also provide a simple registration mechanism, in order to make it easy for our FREE-account holders to manage their app-user community and privacy. This would help them to tailor and personalise their app user’s access.

They can modify and change the automatic email registration and conformation in their account backend.

If you want to publish an app under your own name and brand, then you need to purchases one of our “Business” or “Advance” plans.

What’s Included?

  • An app that’s completely free for user to download on 3 different platform: Apple iTunes, Android and Windows 8.1
  • Branded to your business, using your logo, app icons and colour schemes (App Launch and submission service included with Business and Enterprise plans)
  • Push notifications (e.g. new posts, newsletter,…)
  • Data analytics, such as Trends, Advertising and Engagement metrics.
  • Multi-account support (e.g. managing multiple WordPress site via one central app)

At WP.CREO, we believe that SMBs need and deserve to achieve the same level of service and performance as their larger counterparts, -not just Look-and-Feel of responsive WordPress design on the front end, but also have a sophisticated brain power on the backend that provides a context for content marketing on their WordPress or any other web platform.

WPCREO is a balanced approach between two philosophies:

A.    If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing.
B.    What’s measurable isn’t always meaningful, and what’s meaningful isn’t always measurable.

What is the next step for us? Well, we want to take WP.CREO to the next level.

To date we have released our first public Beta with almost 1000 app users to test-drive the concept and we love to hear your feedback!

Tell us what you think about WP.CREO, send us your feedback,… found any bug? Have a question? Just want to say “Hello”… We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Shahrzad Bahari

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