WP.CREO Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all products created by WP.CREO

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all products created by WPCREO.

We aim to keep our privacy policy simple & understandable.

Our main goals when treating any personal or private data you share with us are:

  1. To use that data to improve your news experience.
  2. To strive to keep any personal data as secure as possible.
  3. To share data in a responsible and secure fashion.

Information that we collect and how we use it

We may collect the following types of information:

  • Information you provide when you sign up for WPCREO, like your name, email and other personal information. This may be entered directly, or submitted through a third party account you use to login (i.e. your Facebook or Twitter account).
  • Cookies – we use cookies to keep you logged into WPCREO when you use our services.
  • Log information – when you access WPCREO through a browser or via one of our applications, we may automatically log the browser version, browser language and internet.
  • Protocol address, date and time of your request, and what type of device you are using.
  • User communications – when you send us email or other communications, we may keep your communications on file in order to respond to you and improve our products per your feedback.
  • Location data – WPCREO can provide local news as part of its services. This means that we have to discover and process your coordinates, or coordinates of the city you explicitly specified in the settings of the app. If you do not use the local news feature, we do not collect your coordinates.
  • Unique device identifier – When you use any of the WPCREO apps, we use the UDID of your device to give you persistent settings and service – this number usually cannot be used to identify your person and is not connected to your personal information, other than the information you explicitly provide to us.
  • Advertising identifier – On some mobile platforms, WPCREO uses the advertiser identifier instead of the UDID, for example on Android, we use the Android Advertising ID. This is used for usage statistics, analytics and to serve promote stories.

Information sharing

WPCREO only shares information with other services and companies in the following scenarios:

  • You have explicitly given us consent to share information with 3rd parties.
  • The information is provided to our subsidiaries or affiliated companies.
  • The information is provided to trusted service providers with the intention that the 3rd parties requires this information to perform a service for WPCREO. We require these 3rd parties to comply with the WPCREO privacy policies.
  • We are legally required to disclose specific information to 3rd parties, including government agencies. WPCREO will only provide the information that is explicitely required and will not volunteer information when not legally obligated.
  • WPCREO reasonably believes that disclosing the information is necessary to detect fraud, security or technical issues and prevent harm to WPCREO or its users.



WPCREO takes reasonable precautions to protect user data, including appropriate cryptographic procedures, including hashing password data and encrypting sensitive data during transmission. Service providers and 3rd parties that information is shared with are screened to be sure they also take commercially acceptable precautions to protect your data. However, WPCREO can make no guarantee on your data’s security in our or our partners’ systems.


International Transmission

Due to the distributed nature of WPCREO’s technology, some or all of your data may be stored outside of your state or country. This is done to make sure that your data is optimally accessible from any location, and to optimize system architecture.


Privacy controls

All WPCREO apps & products allow you to control WPCREO’s access to private information from 3rd party services (such as Facebook, Twitter. Google and so on), as well as the use of location information from your device’s settings. You can find these controls in the settings screen of each app.


Questions & concerns

We are committed to maintain your privacy and providing our service in a useful, comfortable and secure manner. If you have any questions & concerns about our privacy policy, or any other matter, contact us at info[@]WPCREO.com

DigitSign ltd , Popeshead Court Offices,Peter Lane, York YO1 8SU  United Kingdom


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